Flare-On is an annual single-player Windows-centric CTF competition focusing on Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis. This competition is organized by the FLARE team in Mandiant. If you complete all the challenges, you receive a prize and a permanent recognition on Flare-On website.

Flare-On 10 this year featured 13 challenges of several categories involving Windows, Android, and even a retro-computing PDP-11 challenge.

In this blog, I'll list my solutions to the challenges:

  1. X
  2. ItsOnFire
  3. mypassion
  4. aimbot
  5. where_am_i
  6. FlareSay
  7. flake
  8. AmongRust
  9. mbransom
  10. kupo
  11. over_the_rainbow
  12. HVM
  13. y0da